Wednesday, December 29, 2010

head vs heart

As winter fades and spring creeps in, so will strong memories of you. I miss the spring. I miss the crisp smell and the clear blue skies. I miss the heavy downpours and the evenings spent with you. I miss the comfort of your arms around me. I miss the way you kissed my lips and told me that you love me. I miss the way you played with my hair and said I was beautiful. I miss the simplicity, just me and you together. Oblivious to our surroundings, we were so in love, so alive. With every touch I fell into a deeper love with you. I truly believed that we would be together forever. So naive, yet so powerful. I gave everything to you, my heart was invested. Why did you have to go? Now you're just a bittersweet memory to me. It's unfortunate, because that's all we'll ever be.

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